Monday, June 15, 2009

7 interesting things about me

My first tag!

hmmm...lets see, 7 interesting things, aey?...

1. The Hermione instinct. This one dates way back from my school days... When I was in junior secondary school, I had this science teacher who I admired a lot. The main drive that got me working was the sole intention to impress her in class. She had this habit of doing a recap of the portion she took the last class by asking questions. Though usually I came prepared, there were times when I had not. Even if I don't get the answer I used to boldly shoot up my hands wildly in the air and look straight into her eyes with the expression that spoke"Ma'am, may I answer, pleeeeeeeeeezzze!", whereas my insides said "Ma'am, spare me, pleeeeeeezzzeeee!". Believe it or not, it always worked!!!

2. The Award- Winning SMILE. Yes, this one's what the Yohannan sibblings have in common, and which people look back to see for a second time (They might be asking themselves, 'who is this jerk?'). What ever they looked back for, they will be pleased after having made aquaintance. No wonder mum had passed the high command that we are not to smile or laugh in public!

3. Love for War movies- Well, call me a Tom boy or whatever(actually I'm not) but I have this craze for war movies, especially those that are historically based. Call it sadism? not really, coz bleeding, patriotic heroes leave me in tears- they dont have to do anything much to make me cry!

4. Trying out new recipes: I have this craze of trying out new recipes, now that I am on my own and I can try out anything I want. My source for recipes is the internet. Well, not everything comes out good, but some turn out to be real tasty! According to my husband, I "always maintained a base line".. well, that depends on what his base is, right?
I'm beginning to take pictures of my dishes and post it in my other blog, "Honey, what's cooking?" (its the English equivalent of the first question my husband asks me when he gets home)

5. Cartooons! O! how could I forget! Even at 27, I 've never felt I was too old to watch cartoons.

6. Bookworm: In high school I was given the 'bookworm' position in class. It never really bothered me, really. What really bothered me was the way my competitive mates would ask me after every insignificant test, with hypocrisy written all over their faces, how my test went.

7. Teacher's pet: Well I'm honestly glad I never had a teacher who was obviously partial, but be it school or college, I was always aware of the way I win a teacher's heart! hmm.., is that hypocrisy?